Tools & Accessories

Envirosystems stocks a range of tools and accessories available for purchase from our Trade Centres.

Enviro R-Series Waterstop

Enviro Waterstop R-Series is a high-performance rubber strip that expands on contact with water, creating a watertight seal through the treated joint thus preventing water entry into the structure. The R-Series processes high tensile and compressive strengths while the waterstop is embedded with stainless steel wire mesh to prevent distortion. Size: 20mm x 5mm
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C&A Dustpan

Our Multi-Purpose Dustpan Brush is made of high-quality material. A dustpan and brush set with dense and soft non-slip handle with a hanging hook. Designed to be used indoors and outdoors.
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Enviro Wet Film Thickness Gauge

To measure the wet film thickness during application, a wet film thickness gauge (also known a wet film comb) is often used. It is a very simple and quick tool for measuring the film thickness of wet paint. A wet film comb is a rectangular piece of metal or plastic with “teeth” of various lengths, […]
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Enviro Perlon Rollers 10 Pack

10 Pack refill of Perlon rollers.
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Enviro Perlon Roller Kit

The Enviro Perlon Roller Kit is good for smaller and hard to reach areas. Covers are easy to clean.
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C&A Pro Knife

All blades are packaged in quick load dispensers. Heavy Duty Packing Knife is extra safe with a self-locking metal slide and snap-off blade.
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C&A Auto-Change Utility Knife

General purpose, heavy-duty knife. Handy strap hole.
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