Enviro Clad

Single Pack Acrylic UV Resistant Waterproof Membrane

  • Size: 15L, 4L
  • Color: Antique White, Gravel, Grey Dusk, Hog Bristle, Light Grey, Mid Grey, Standstone, White


Enviro Clad is a water-borne single pack acrylic waterproofing membrane with excellent UV, water and alkaline resistance. Enviro Clad also demonstrates good resistance to carbon dioxide and chloride ion diffusion. The significant anti-mould ingredient gives long lasting protection to exterior walls from fungus and mould attack. Enviro Clad is applied by brush, roller or spray, forming a highly elastic coating with excellent flexibility and colour stability.

Typical Uses

Enviro Clad is a versatile and beneficial acrylic coating that can be used to create an aesthetically pleasing as well as functionally waterproof surface. Because of its chemical resistance to chlorine, CO2 and other naturally occurring erosive substances, it is excellent for external use and is most typically applied to;

  • Roofing
  • Building Facades
  • Parapets
  • Chimney Restoration
  • Retaining Walls
  • Boat Decks
  • External Walls
  • Asbestos Encapsulation
  • Fences
  • Flexible Embellishment
  • Caravan Repairs

Suitable Substrates

Enviro Clad is suitable for use over a variety of substrates. For more information, please visit the data sheet or contact Envirosystems.


  • Very Low VOC
  • Water Based
  • Flexible
  • Waterproof
  • Mould Resistant
  • Chloride and CO2 resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • Vapour Permeable
  • Versatile
  • Single Pack


Enviro Clad is available off the shelf in the colours below. If you are after a custom colour, Enviro Clad can be tinted.

For more information about custom colours, please contact our Sydney Trade Centre on 02 8595 8699 or email info@envirosystems.com.au


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Suitable Primers

Substrate condition, type of application and other factors will dictate what additional products you will need to complete your project. Please see the relevant data sheets or contact Envirosystems for further information on compatible products.

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