Inadequate or incorrect surface preparation is the most common cause of failure and primers are an important component in construction, both domestic and commercial, as they improve the bonding characteristics of the coating to the substrate.


Primers can be used for a variety of purposes such as improving adhesion to substrates or providing protection against corrosion.


Primers penetrate into the bare surface further than adhesives and also seal any difficult to remove dust. Failure to use a primer may void product warranties.


Our solutions have been tried and tested, allowing you to benefit from our technologically advanced systems on your project.

With project specific product choices and selections advice, Envirosystems offers a complete range of primers to fit with your project specifications, catering to your detailed needs.

Enviro Prime ERS

Primer for Enviro Rapid Screed
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Enviro Prime AC

Anti-Corrosive Primer
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Enviro Prime GT1

Solvent Free Primer
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Enviro Prime WB

Water Based Primer and Cementitious Admixture
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Enviro Prime PW

Low Viscosity, Solvent Free, Epoxy Primer for Potable Water Applications
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Enviro Prime 789

Fast Cure Polyurethane Primer
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Enviro Shield

Hydrostatic Barrier & Moisture Tolerant Primer
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Preparing your surface?

Making sure your surface is clean and ready for a primer is critical. Find what you need here.

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Be sure to follow the Envirosystems process when applying waterproofing membranes to ensure strong adhesion and lasting protection.



Always prepare your surface properly prior to priming to make sure maximum adhesion of your protective covering.



Priming is just as critical as preparation. Your primer will depend on the coating to be applied and the substrate being applied.



Apply your covering according to the ratios described in the Product Data Sheet.



Prepare surface for a final hand over for a topical finishing e.g. tiles or a protective topcoat.