Our surface sealants work by forming a thin film over a substrate creating a hard-wearing, UV stable and dustproof layer while our penetrating sealants work by penetrating the pores of a cementitious or natural stone substrate to fill the voids with a silicone-based compound.


Our joint sealants are typically used to seal joints where a moderate degree of differential substrate movement is anticipated.


All sealants in our range provide excellent adhesion and have an abundance of useful applications in residential, commercial, and industrial developments.


Our range of premium adhesive products are simple to prepare and apply, with no complicated instructions or ratios.

Enviro Flex S.A.F.E

Structural, Acoustic Fire Environmental Rated Polyurethane Joint Sealant
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Enviro Flex FL

Fast Curing Engineered Polyurethane Joint Sealant & Adhesive
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Enviro SurfaPore W

Water, Oil & Dirt Repellent for Timber Surfaces
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Enviro SurfaPore G

Water Repellent for Glass  
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Enviro SurfaPore T

Waterproofing & Stain Protection for Tiles  
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Enviro SurfaPore H

Water, Oil & Stain Repellent for Textiles  
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Enviro SurfaPore AG

Protection from Graffiti, Permanent Marker & Stains
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Enviro SurfaPore M

Water, Oil & Dirt Repellent for Porous Surfaces  
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