Enviro SurfaPore M

Water, Oil & Dirt Repellent for Porous Surfaces  


Enviro SurfaPore M is a water-based formulation, specifically designed to harness the power of nanotechnology to achieve both oil and water repellency. The core nano-sized particles are engineered to fit the pores of the applied surface, penetrating and “flooding” the pores.

After coating, water, oil and dirt fail to penetrate the pores of the substrate, providing easy cleaning and protection against stains. The application of Enviro SurfaPore M does not induce any visual change on the applied surface and does not block its breathability.

Typical Uses

Enviro SurfaPore M can be used on any areas that need protection against water, oil and alkaline stains, such as:

  • Floors
  • Garages
  • Barbeque areas
  • Terraces
  • Interior & exterior walls
  • Roofs

Suitable Substrates

Enviro SurfaPore M is ideal for porous surfaces such as:

  • Unpolished natural & artificial stone (e.g. marble, granite, limestone, etc.)
  • Cementitious surfaces (e.g. concrete, mortar, grout, render, stucco, etc.)


  • Invisible & non-film forming – does not change the appearance of the protected surface
  • Long-lasting & UV-resistant – does not discolour or yellow
  • Environmentally friendly – water-based & low VOC
  • High breathability – no swelling or cracking due to trapped moisture
  • Odourless & easy to apply



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