Enviro Prime ERS

Primer for Enviro Rapid Screed

  • Size: 20L, 5L


Enviro Prime ERS is an engineered water-based priming system to be used in conjunction with Enviro Rapid Screed. It is a solvent-free, synthetic resin dispersion that when cured forms a clear film that prevents water penetration.

Typical Uses

Enviro Prime ERS is typically applied as a water-inhibiting primer, precoat, bonding agent and pore closer. It could also be applied as a pore closer on concrete and cement screeds.
Other applications include the following:

  • Bonding agent on smooth concrete for gypsum-bound wall finishing compounds
  • Protective coat against dust formation on finishing and repairing compounds
  • Primer to concrete to take finishing, repairing and levelling compounds
  • Internal dry surfaces

Suitable Substrates

Enviro Prime ERS is a primer additive for Enviro Rapid Screed to be used on old and new concrete. Please see the data sheet for more information.


  • Primer
  • Bonding Agent
  • Water-inhibiting pore closer
  • Prevents air bubbles rising from the sub-floor when finishing
  • Solvent-free


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Enviro Rapid Screed

Primer for Enviro Rapid Screed
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