Envirosystems offers a complete range of high performing waterproofing systems for internal, external & below grade applications.

Envirosystems liquid applied membranes form a highly elastic and durable, waterproof barrier guaranteed to perform even in the toughest site conditions. Our technical team utilises the latest elastomeric systems allowing our products to create a completely seamless and monolithic coating. When combined with the appropriate primer from our extensive range, a fully bonded waterproofing system, with excellent adhesion to the substrate is achieved, giving you the confidence to use the Envirosystems suite of solutions.

Our range of sheet membranes also covers a multitude of applications, including blindside waterproofing. Using the most durable and tough materials, such as HDPE, PVC and TPO, our advanced techniques of cross-lamination and pressure-sensitive self-adhesion offers ease of application and guaranteed performance.

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Enviro 200P EXT

Exterior Grade UV Resistant Waterproofing Membrane

Enviro 200P Ultra

Ultra-Flexible Modified Polyurethane Waterproofing Membrane

Enviro 700X

Low Odour High Performance Polyurethane Waterproofing Membrane

Enviro Cemflex

Exterior Grade UV Resistant Waterproofing Membrane

Enviro Clad

Single Pack Acrylic UV Resistant Waterproof Membrane

Enviro Flex

Low VOC Cementitious Two-Part Waterproofing Membrane

Enviro HP1200

High Performance, Solvent Free, Spray Applied, Hybrid Elastomer Membrane

Enviro HP1200 AC

High Performance, UV Stable, Solvent Free, Sprayed Elastomer Waterproofing Membrane

Enviro HP1200 LP

High Performance, Solvent Free Hand Applied Elastomer Waterproof Membrane

Enviro HP1200 PW

High Performance, Solvent Free, Spray Applied Elastomer Lining Product for Potable Water

Enviro HP1600

High Performance Spray Polyurea Elastomer