VersiCell 3050

A lightweight, high strength modular drainage cell.

  • Size: 50cm x 50xm x 30mm
VersiCell 3050 is a lightweight, high strength modular drainage cell designed primarily for sub-surface drainage, and to form tanks for underground stormwater infiltration or storage. It is manufactured from high strength polypropylene and used in the construction of roof gardens, plaza decks, basements, pond filtration systems, concealed drains, pre-cast and in situ drains and sports fields. When installed between roof decks and pavers or ballast, VersiCell 3050 drainage cells reduce sound transmission and increase heat insulation.

VersiCell 3050 is designed to withstand loads imposed by mechanical equipment such as bob-cats.

Available in 30 mm high modules, VersiCell 3050 modules interlock in the same plane, at right angles to one another, or may be butted together.


Material Recycled polypropylene
Dimensions 500 L x 500 W mm*
Height 30 mm or 20 mm
Weight ~2.0-2.5 kg/m²
Surface Void Area ~ 62 %
Internal Void Area ~ 95 %
Compressive Strength ~800 kN/m² (80 t/m²)
Drainage capacity @ 1 % hydraulic gradient ~ 16.5 l/m.s


  • Interlocking cellular drainage modules
  • Compressive strength of at least 100 tonne/m2
  • Can accommodate both static and dynamic loads during and after installation
  • Has a good resistance to petroleum-based chemicals and naturally occurring soil chemicals
  • Ensures a total flow rate of at least 16.5 l/m/s for maximum rainfall under Singapore Code of Practice SS 525 : 2006
  • Manufactured from recycled plastics
  • Easy to install by interlocking one to another or simply by abutting
  • Can flex and conform to curved surfaces
  • Approximately 2 % of the aggregate weight of gravel for equivalent drainage discharge capacity
  • Provides drainage weep-holes at perimeter


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