Wet Area Waterproofing

Internal and external wet areas are exposed to high volumes of water throughout their life.

Think bathrooms, laundries, even the roof of your house!

The practice of ensuring that a structure is waterproof is a fundamental part to the success of any residential or commercial building project. Any area of a building, both internal, external and below grade, where water can find a way into the structure can and should be waterproofed to form a waterproof barrier and protect the structure from water damage.

Envirosystems offers a complete range of high performing waterproofing systems that have been used on a variety of major developments worldwide, and we supply liquid and sheet applied membranes for both positive and negative side across a variety of applications.

Envirosystems liquid applied membranes form a highly elastic and durable, waterproof barrier guaranteed to perform even in the toughest site conditions. Our technical team utilises the latest elastomeric systems allowing our products to create a completely seamless and monolithic coating. When combined with the appropriate primer from our extensive range, a fully bonded waterproofing system, with excellent adhesion to the substrate is achieved.

Our range of sheet membranes also covers a multitude of applications, including blindside waterproofing. Using the most durable and tough materials, such as HDPE, PVC and TPO, our advanced techniques of cross-lamination and pressure sensitive self-adhesion offers ease of application and guaranteed performance.

Every product from our range is guaranteed to last, ensuring they are tried and tested to be compliant with Australian Standard 4858 and tested by the CSIRO. Envirosystems products are also Australian Made and Environmentally Responsible, and the advantage of having low VOC and non-flammable membranes allow internal applications to run smoothly, especially in areas where other trades or residents are present.

It is critical that product suitability and compatibility with other materials are properly evaluated within the building environment. Wet areas are fundamental in residential and commercial developments. As such, it is imperative that a high-quality product is used to provide a robust waterproofing system.

If you are searching for project specific technical advice, please don’t hesitate to get into contact.

Contact our Sydney Head Office & Trade Centre Team by calling +61 2 8595 9699 or emailing

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