When Waterproofing Fails

Remedial Solutions with Envirosystems

If it’s raining inside your home, underneath your house looks like something out of a horror film, or your bathroom floods every time the tap goes on then you may be suffering from a failed waterproofing system.

There are many reasons why a waterproofing system may fail. From bad weather to lack of maintenance, but unfortunately, the most common cause is generally due to poor workmanship.

In our experience, this is due to:

  • Incorrect product specification – using the wrong product in the wrong environment.
  • Incorrect application methodology – where the product is not applied in accordance with the product datasheet and relevant governing standards.
  • Poor substrate preparation – where the product fails due to poor preparation and workmanship.

So, what can you do if your waterproofing isn’t so waterproof?

From epoxy grouts and mortars to crack injection resins, Envirosystems has a solution to restore the integrity and quality of your project.

Envirosystems designs and manufactures an extensive range of remedial products that have been specifically designed to work in the toughest environments with no compromise on performance.

Through collaboration with builders, engineers and architects, our technical team has developed a variety of remedial products to cater to all types of problems. Our range of remedial solutions includes moisture tolerant primershydrophilic and hydrophobic injection resins, high-performance repair mortars and elastomeric waterproofing membranes to name a few…

Our high-grade remedial solutions are Australian made for Australian conditions and have been used to restore and repair many significant heritage buildings and resolve poor design and installation issues across a number of residential, commercial and industrial spaces.

Let's fix this problem

From manufacturing, quality control, specification, design, technical support and more – Envirosystems is your one-stop shop for solutions based technology. We are here to provide a personalised service to support your specific needs at every point of your project.

Whilst our products are DIY friendly, we strongly recommend that a licensed contractor is used due to the highly technical nature of remedial works (we can give you a list of Envirosystems accredited applicators in your area). This will ensure that your job is done right, without the need for additional remediation.

Remember, the majority of initial waterproofing system fails are due to poor workmanship…

If you are searching for any further information or advice on remedial works, our remedial solutions or suggestions of contractors to carry out your works – please don’t hesitate to visit us in store or contact our team on the details below.

Enviro Remedial Range

Contact our Sydney Head Office & Trade Centre Team by calling +61 2 8595 9699 or emailing

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