Envirosystems comprehensive range of remedial solutions have been specifically designed by our technical team to work in the toughest environments with no compromise on performance.

From epoxy grouts and mortars to crack injection resins, Envirosystems has a solution to restore the integrity and quality of your project giving you the confidence that the issue has been resolved once and for all.

Through collaboration with builders, engineers and architects, our technical team has developed a variety of remedial products to cater to all types of problems. Our expanding range includes; moisture tolerant primers, hydrophilic and hydrophobic injection resins, high-performance repair mortars and elastomeric waterproofing membranes.

Our high grade remedial solutions are Australian made for Australian conditions and have been used to restore and repair many significant heritage buildings and resolve poor design and installation issues across a number of residential, commercial and industrial spaces.

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Enviro Epoxy B-LV

Solvent Free, Non-Sag, Epoxy Mortar Binder

Enviro Epoxy B-NS

Solvent Free, Non-Sag, Epoxy Mortar Binder

Enviro Epoxy EF

Solvent Free, Non-Sag, Thixotropic Epoxy Adhesive Mortar

Enviro Epoxy Grout 100

High Performance, Fluid Epoxy Grout System

Enviro Gel 145

Low Viscosity Hydrophobic Polyurethane

Enviro Gel 155

High Performance Injection Polyurethane

Enviro Gel 165

High Performance Hydrophilic Injection Polyurethane

Enviro Mortar 45

High Strength Polymer Modified Concrete Repair Mortar

Enviro Plug

Rapid Setting Cementitious Plugging Compound

Enviro Shield

Hydrostatic Barrier & Moisture Tolerant Primer