Waterproofing & Thermal Insulation Solutions for Roofs

The Challenge | Metal Industrial Buildings

Regardless if the building’s climate zone is in the Mediterranean, Middle East or in our case Australia, industrial buildings in particular suffer from heavy heat loads ingress due to the large surface areas of the rooftops.

Corrugated steel roofs are prone to heating up and transfering heat to the interior of buildings, increasing cooling costs and impacting the working temperature comfort zone.

The Solution | Enviro SurfaPaint ThermoDry Elastomeric Roof

Enviro SurfaPaint ThermoDry Elastomeric Roof is a high-quality, thermal-protective, waterproofing paint of unique formulation that combines different performance pillars.

Its hybrid formulation provides an elastomeric behaviour in a wide range of external temperatures, allowing coverage of cracks of up to 1.5 mm. It also provides a thermal conductivity 4 times smaller than that of a regular paint and its final coating reflects thermal radiation and limits moisture absorption.

This solution, together with Enviro SurfaMix Universal Primer is easily applicable on corrugated steel rooftops. Priming is essential as the substrate of metal rooftops may be heavily damaged from weathering or covered with polymers (polyester or PVDF). SurfaMix Universal Primer assures perfect coating adhesion, even in low porosity substrates. Following priming, the use of Enviro SurfaPaint ThermoDry Elastomeric Roof combines high thermal reflectance and low thermal conductivity; thus, providing full thermal protection properties.

Real life example:

34.3°C difference between roof top area treated with Enviro SurfaMix Universal Primer and Enviro SurfaPaint Thermodry Elastomeric Roof and untreated industrial rooftop observed through thermal imaging equipment.

Why this System?

  • Thermal protective – minimise costs for heating and cooling
  • Waterproofing – withstands ponding water and prevents mould growth
  • Certified Cool Paint – high solar reflectance and environmentally friendly – water-based & low VOC
  • Elastomeric formulation for crack bridging
  • Remains white – stain resistant and dirt-repelling
  • UV & alkali resistant – suitable for adverse weather conditions
  • Extended lifetime and easy surface application
  • The application of Enviro SurfaMix Universal Primer ensures strong bonding to the substrate, regardless if it’s porous or not


Make sure that the rooftop is free of dirt, dust or oily residues. Apply SurfaMix Universal Primer by using an airless sprayer or a roller. 8 hours after primer application apply SurfaPaint ThermoDry Elastomeric Roofs by an airless sprayer or a roller.

Full application information can be found in the product data sheets.

Expected Useful Life

20 yrs expected useful time, upon proper application/installation and a maintenance plan of a single SurfaPaint ThermoDry Elastomeric Roof top coat, every five years.

For more information regarding these solutions – including data sheets – visit the product page below or email info@envirosystems.com.au

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