Protecting Porous Surfaces

Water, Oil & Dirt Repellent

The Challenge

Porous materials such as marble, granite or limestone are commonly used for both indoor and outdoor decorative applications – but being absorptive by nature means they are subject to staining. This can not only degrade the aesthetic appearance of those sensitive surfaces but oil, dirt and water can penetrate into the material causing irreversible damage. 

The Solution

Enviro SurfaPore M (Marble) is a water-based formulation, specifically designed to harness the power of nanotechnology to achieve oil, water and dirt repellency. The core nano-sized particles are engineered to fit the pores of the applied surface, penetrating and “flooding” the pores. After coating, water, oil and dirt fail to penetrate the pores of the substrate, providing easy cleaning and permanent protection against stains.

Why This System?

  • Invisible & non-film forming – does not change the appearance of the protected surface
  • Long-lasting & UV-resistant – prevents discolouration and yellowing
  • Environmentally friendly – water based & low VOC
  • High breathability – no swelling or cracking due to trapped moisture
  • User-friendly - odourless & easy to apply
Marble treated with Enviro SurfaPore M (top) as opposed to a reference marble (bottom).
Oil droplets on a porous, cementitious surface treated with Enviro SurfaPore M.


Surface Application: the application surface should be dry and clean. Apply SurfaPore M with brush, roller or spray gun. No dilution is required. For extra protection of very sensitive surfaces reapply, within 3 hours after the first application.

Dipping Application: Dipping application is highly recommended on absorptive and flooring surfaces to reduce ion mobility and efflorescence from all sides. Dipping should not exceed 2 min and thorough drying should take place before installation.

Expected Useful Life

At least 5 years, upon proper application/installation.

For more information regarding Enviro SurfaPore M – including data sheets – visit the product page below or email

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