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Update – Enviro DeSalin AM effectiveness against viruses

DeSalin AM contains more than 4.5% w/w benzalkonium chloride, a substance that has long been proven to be extremely effective against viruses [1, 2, 3]. In addition, many countries have recognized the use of benzalkonium chloride as one of the few active agents that can terminate coronaviruses, SARS-CoV-2 virus and related COVID-19 disease [4].

In fact, DeSalin AM has an almost 100-fold increased concentration of active viricidal ingredients, compared to the proposed concentration of relevant scientific reference. This makes DeSalin AM an excellent sanitizer and sterilizer.

* References at the bottom of the page

The Challenge

There could be one or more reasons behind the mould build-up in the building, bathroom or kitchen. Anything from leakages, condensation from poor thermal insulation or high humidity levels are generally to blame.

Having mould growing on the walls and ceilings is not only unsightly, but also unhealthy. NSW Health reports that the spores produced from mould in your home can lead to respiratory problems, respiratory infections, allergies or asthma. 

Cleaning the infected surface with bleach products usually worsens the problems as the spores are resistant to sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and, eventually the cleaning effort can result in contaminating a greater surface area.

So, what can you do if instead of disinfecting the wall, the traditional cleaning solutions instead help the spread of the living invaders?

The Solution

Envirosystems has a 2-step mould removal and prevention solution that is quick and easy to apply.

Step 1

Enviro DeSalin AM (Anti-Mould) is a powerful water-based disinfectant, fungicide – preservative against mould, algae and microorganisms for internal and external masonry surfaces. It is not only used to clean infected walls but also to maintain the clean applied surface from the black and green spots caused by microorganisms. It can be used as a preventive treatment for the maintenance of internal surfaces with high humidity such as kitchens, bathrooms and basements, by preventing the growth of microorganisms.


To disinfect and preserve the surface, apply Enviro DeSalin AM by using a brush, without any prior dilution. Scrub with a sponge or a stiff brush after 24h. Rinse the application surface with water or a wet sponge. Let the surface dry well before proceeding to step 2.

The application of DeSalin AM on a mouldy surface, immediately, after 24h and after 10 days from application.

Step 2

SurfaPaint Aqua X is a water based acrylic paint that provides effective water repellency. It prevents the external humidity and rainwater from penetrating into the building substrate, reducing cracking and swelling.


Stir well before application. Do not dilute for bridging gaps and hairline cracks of up to 0.5 mm. For cracks bigger that 1mm, fill the gap with a suitable putty. If thinning is required add up to 10% water by volume.

Application temperature should be between 8 – 35oC. Apply 2-3 even coats using a good quality brush, roller or by spraying with a tip of a diameter 1.4mm or more. Do not over-brush. Ensure corners and edges are adequately covered. Additional coats should be applied 4-6 hours after the previous application.

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