Protecting Textiles, Carpets & Furniture from Stains

Water & Oil Repellent Solution

Stains from food, oil, sunscreens and more not only affect the appearance of textiles but can permanently damage our clothes, sofas, carpets and furniture. In many cases, the use of chemicals or strong cleaners can either further damage the material, or is not recommended by the product manufacturer.

So, how can a textile be protected before it stains?

The Solution | Enviro SurfaPore H

Enviro SurfaPore H (Hospitality Industry) is a water-based formulation that provides water and oil repellency to a wide range of fabric surfaces. It acts as a surface modification agent on substrates with oxidic, carboxy and hydroxy functional groups, such as natural fibres like cotton and leather.

Enviro SurfaPore H forms a thin protective layer by chemically bonding to the substrate system. The created coating is chemically and mechanically stable, preventing water and oil from penetrating. Modified surfaces underlie minimal change to the original natural appearance.


Before application, mix the product thoroughly to homogenize. Apply by using spray, brush or roller. No dilution is required. Textiles such as cotton can be dipped for 0.5 to ten minutes. The application on leather can be done by polishing Enviro SurfaPore H onto the material. On very absorptive surfaces, re-apply within 1 hour. Maximum protection is achieved 24 hours post application. Reapply SurfaPore H after 3 complete laundry washing cycles.

Expected Useful Life

At least 5 yrs, upon proper application or 3 complete laundry washing cycles.

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