How to Stop Stains on Polished Surfaces

How to Stop Stains on Polished Tiled & Marble Surfaces

The Challenge

Stained polished marble or tiles can be almost impossible to clean.

Why? Well, a microscopic analysis of these sorts of polished surfaces reveals multiple interconnected pores that readily collect stains. This results in dirt penetrating deeply into these pores making it difficult to remove.

One solution to this problem is to clean them frequently, but this requires significant effort and can compromise the natural appearance of these surfaces. 

So, how can you protect these polished surfaces without altering the natural appearance?

The Solution | Enviro SurfaPore W

Enviro SurfaPore T is a water-based formulation specifically designed to harness the power of nanotechnology to preserve polished surfaces such as tiles, marble and granite. The nano-sized particles penetrate and flood the pores creating an impermeable barrier. After coating, dirt particles fail to penetrate into the pores providing a stain and waterproof surface that is easy to clean.

Suitable for areas such as the bathroom or kitchen, Enviro SurfaPore T is a long lasting UV resistant system that does not change the natural appearance of the treated surface.


Enviro SurfaPore T

Waterproofing & Stain Protection for Tiles  

How to Apply

The surface must be clean, dry and free from any dust before application. For any surface, test on a small area before full scale application.

Apply Enviro SurfaPore T by using a brush, roller or spray gun. After 15 minutes, and before it dries completely on the treated surface, remove any excess and polish by using a wet cloth and then wiping dry with a dry cloth.

On sensitive surfaces, or surfaces that require more protection (such as a marble bench) reapply within 3 hours.

Maximum effectiveness is achieved 24 hours after application.


Enviro SurfaPore T will last up to 3 years.


The below test results show a marble surface treated with Enviro SurfaPore T and an untreated surface subjected to green tea, coffee, oil and red wine. Surfaces were wiped with a clean cloth 1hr, 8hrs and 24hrs after droplets of each liquid were applied.

Polished Marble Treated with Enviro SurfaPore T

Untreated Polished Marble

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