How To Protect Timber & Wooden Surfaces

How to Protect Timber & Wooden Surfaces

The Challenge

There is a reason why timber is one of the most popular building materials. It’s strong, durable and looks great as well as one of the more environmentally friendly solutions. 

While there are a lot of benefits to using timber in building, wood is also a highly sensitive building material. Susceptible to the detrimental effects of weathering, UV and woodboring insects (e.g. termites) – protecting wood without affecting its natural appearance is a true challenge.

The Solution | Enviro SurfaPore W

Enviro SurfaPore W is a water-based formulation, specifically designed to harness the power of nanotechnology in order to preserve absorptive wooden surfaces. By making wood water-resistant, it ensures dimensional stability and protects against warping and decay. In addition to making wood waterproof, Enviro SurfaPore W also provides oil repellence in order to prevent oily stains from penetrating into the woods surfaces.

Enviro SurfaPore W can provide complete protection for decking, fences/posts, facade and roof shingles, garden furniture and sheds, docks or any absorptive wood that needs combined protection and while preserving the natural appearance. Enviro SurfaPore W has also been successfully used as an additive (10% dilution ratio) in pressure-treatment solutions to protect wooden surfaces.

Applying Enviro SurfaPore W does not induce any visible change on the surface applied and does not block the pores (no pore sealing like traditional varnishes or wood stains), preserving the natural breathability of the wood. It also contains active ingredients against wood-boring insects.


Enviro SurfaPore W

Water, Oil & Dirt Repellent for Timber Surfaces

How to Apply

General Application: The application surface should be dry and clean. Shake well before use. There is no need to dilute before applying. Apply Enviro SurfaPore W by brush, roller or spray. Maximum performance is reached 24h after application. In case of very absorptive surfaces, reapply within 2 hours.

Wood Stain or Varnish Application: Apply Enviro SurfaPore W as above and let cure for at least 72 hrs before application of a wood stain or varnish. Applying wood varnish or stain on an Enviro SurfaPore W treated surface might affect their colour or adherence, so it is best to test results on a small area before full-scale application. Once you have tested a small area and happy with the results, apply the wood stain or varnish as per manufacturers instructions.


Enviro SurfaPore W will last at least 5 years on a timber surface.


Wood Protection without Natural Appearance Change - 1
Wood Protection without Natural Appearance Change - 2
Wood Protection without Natural Appearance Change - 3

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