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Envirol Hand Sanitiser

Part of the Envirosystems family, Envirol is a proudly Australian Made & Owned solutions orientated technologist specialising in the supply of premium quality hand sanitiser & hygiene products.

Not your average hand sanitiser, our product is made by Australians for Australians, complies with the latest Therapeutic Good Administration requirements, and is strictly made with 80% Ethanol making it suitable for use in medical and health services. We also now offer an alcohol free hand sanitiser made with lemon myrtle essential oil.

Why should you buy Envirol Hand Sanitiser over other products?

Because Envirol Hand Sanitiser goes above and beyond to meet the requirements of the World Health Organisation and the Therapeutic Goods Association.

Our hand sanitiser is:

Envirol Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser

Not everyone likes to (or can use) alcohol based hand sanitisers.

Envirol now manufactures an alcohol free hand sanitiser that kills 99.9% of germs without the need for water while moisturising the skin leaving a fresh lemon myrtle scent.

Envirol Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser uses two active anti-bacterial agents (quaternary ammonium compounds/benzalkonium chloride) that work together synergistically to provide efficacious antimicrobial action without any harmful effects on the skin.

They are rapid acting, gentle in nature and unique in that they are effective with short contact time against a large number of typical gram-positive and gram-negative bacterial organisms.

Together their mechanism of action is as follows:

  • They bind to the bacterial cell wall, causing disruption of the membrane culminating in cell death.
  • They penetrate the bilayers of the bacterial cells and cause leakage & lysis and disrupt the essential cell processes and cause death.

They are rapid acting and suitable for control of bacteria in both rinse off and leave on applications.

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