Meet The Team: Enviro’s Chief Chemist

By now you would already know that here at Envirosystems Technologies we specialise in the supply and manufacturing of market-leading waterproofing, remedial, coatings, adhesives, sealants and flooring solutions.

The ever-changing requirements and expectations of consumers in today’s environmentally conscious society mean we have to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, ensuring that we are the first name people think of when choosing these types of products.

How do we do this?

With a fully dedicated team of chemists and engineers, who with a combined 200+ years of industry experience deliver the latest innovations in environmentally responsible building materials.

Enviro’s Chief Chemist

Our mission at Enviro is to minimise the use of damaging harmful solvents and chemicals used by the building industry by creating high performing environmentally sustainable products over a broad range of applications.

With a career tracking back some 40 years, Nourhan Demirdjian is Envirosystems Chief Chemist and responsible for this innovative development that our systems have become renowned for.

After first starting out at Vessey Chemicals as a paint chemist, Nourhan then worked with leading coating suppliers and manufacturers, allowing him to gain expertise in the latest technological advances in protective, concrete, offshore, platform, pipeline and structural steel coatings.

The David Whitby Best Review Paper Award

Most notably in 2002, Nourhan was awarded the ‘David Whitby – Best Review Paper Award‘ for his paper titled ‘Waterbased Zincs-Performance vs Practicability’.

An incredible achievement, The David Whitby Best Review Paper must include a critical analysis and concisely summarise what the challenges are in the topic and the areas that may be considered for future research. The selection committee ranks each paper on a short list, and then awards it annually to the best-reviewed paper either published in Corrosion & Materials or in the Annual ACA Conference Proceedings.

You may have known our products are Australian Made and Designed, but did you also know we develop and manufacture our goods locally to ensure our solutions are of the highest quality with the fastest turnaround?

The Enviro Difference

Nourhan, along with the entire Enviro Lab team, are committed to creating environmentally sustainable solutions. Our systems are not simply re-branded as a ‘green product’, but instead, demonstrate positive test results certifying VOC content and standards to which these results comply.

With multiple qualifications, awards and professional associations with institutions such as the Royal Australian Chemical Institute and the Surface Coatings Association of Australia, Nourhan’s extensive experience is just one of the reasons why here at Enviro we pride ourselves not only on the quality of our products but also the comprehensive technical support available to our customers and clients guaranteeing full-service satisfaction.

Discover the Enviro difference today.

Contact our Sydney Head Office & Trade Centre Team by calling +61 2 8595 9699 or emailing

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