The Envirosystems Laboratory

The ever-changing requirements of consumers in this environmentally conscious society means we have to be at the forefront of new product development to ensure we are the first name people think of when choosing waterproofing, flooring and construction chemical products.

How do we do this?

With a fully dedicated team of chemists and engineers, who with a combined 200+ years of industry experience deliver the latest innovations in environmentally responsible building materials. As an Australian Made company, our products are designed in-house to meet the hostile Australian conditions and manufactured locally to ensure our solutions are of the highest quality with the fastest turnaround.

In today’s market, the term ‘green product’ can be misleading as it is frequently used to categorise products that may be anything but ‘green’. In fact, older technology, imported and cheaper products often are the prime offenders.

Our laboratory also utilises the most up to date technology for the reduction of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) throughout our product range, thus minimizing the VOC’s released into the environment.

While Envirosystems has its own testing laboratory, the Envirosystems range has also been externally tested as low VOC by an independent, nationally accredited testing authority and is one of the first building materials manufacturing company’s to achieve green star ratings for our range of solutions.

All of our products are designed and manufactured with environmental sustainability in mind, mitigating the impacts of the built environment and carrying forward our philosophy and mission of continuous development and improvement of environmentally responsible technology.

Research & Development

Our solutions are Australian Made for Australian conditions and have undergone extensive research, development and testing before they hit the market guaranteeing our customers the complete product satisfaction that we have become renowned for.

Extensive Testing

Environmental Sustainability and Accreditation

In keeping with our mission to minimise the use of damaging harmful solvents and chemicals used by the building industry, we are committed to creating and producing high performing environmentally sustainable products over a broad range of applications.

They are not simply re-branded as a ‘green product’, but instead, demonstrate positive test results certifying VOC content and standards to which these results comply.

Australian and NZ Standards

In conjunction with our own strict development and QC requirements, we also ensure our products comply with the relevant Australian Standards.

Within our very own testing laboratory, we are able to ensure that our products meet these benchmark standards guaranteeing their performance and quality.

The following standards play an integral role in our product testing and evaluation:

  • AS4654.1 – Waterproofing Membrane Systems for External above ground use – materials
  • AS4654.2 – Waterproofing Membrane Systems for External above ground use – design and installation
  • AS4858 – Wet Area Membranes
  • AS4020 – Products for use in contact with Drinking Water

Envirosystems is constantly monitoring and improving the performance of our products in accordance with these standards.