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With a growing population and resulting urbanisation comes the requirement for developers and city planners to provide additional outdoor space. Green roofs, walls and spaces provide an ideal solution to this, offering all the traditional benefits of a park or backyard in a space that might have otherwise been ignored.

Projects Using Enviro Products…

In 2009, the committee for Melbourne’s Future Focus Group launched their green roof design project ‘Growing Up’ located at 131 Queen Street Melbourne. Their aim was to transform Melbourne into Australia’s first ‘green roof city’.

480 Queen Street is one of the most prestigious premium grade office buildings in the Brisbane city – spanning over 32 levels the tower features some of the largest floor plans in the CBD as well as an ‘Australian first’ in-building public parkland showcasing its world class design.

Designed by an award winning team, One Central Park is a multi-stage $2 billion urban village, with a wonderfully diverse collection of over 2,000 residential opportunities, parklands, a shopping centre, retail, dining and entertainment areas.

By creating these green spaces, the carbon footprint is reduced and combinations of planting, seating and leisure zones within these green areas allow for unique possibilities.

A vital element of any green roof design is the waterproofing membrane as it ultimately protects the building from water ingress long term. Envirosystems offers a number of waterproofing solutions that cater to all project types and budgets.

Our Enviro HP1200 and Enviro 700PUR offer monolithic, continuous, root resistant waterproofing membranes without the seam and overlaps of traditional sheet membranes. Having been used on a variety of applications from hospitals, tier one construction developments and DIY residential jobs – our products have been independently tested to guarantee assurance of that these products will provide you with a water tight structure.

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