Enviro Masonry Water Repellent is a masonry sealer designed to penetrate surfaces such as concrete, brick, natural stone and other masonry products, providing a water repellent surface. The substrate is not visually changed after treatment. Enviro Masonry Water Repellent penetrates deep into the pores of the masonry and reacts chemically to provide a durable long lasting barrier against water and salt ingress.

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Features and Benefits

  • Penetrates pores for long lasting protection
  • Preserves the natural appearances of the stone
  • Provides an effective barrier to water and salt ingress
  • Eliminates efflorescence
  • Easy to apply
  • Invisible
  • Prevention of moss growth and dirt retention on concrete surfaces
  • Allows masonry surfaces to breathe while providing high repellent characteristics

Areas of Use

  • Concrete Block
  • Natural Stone
  • Sand-lime Brickwork
  • Masonry Blocks
  • Precast Concrete
  • Clay Bricks
  • Plaster


Paintbrush/Roller, Tray
Number of Coats
Dependant on substrate (refer to PDS)
Drying Time
Recoat: 6 - 8 hours
Fully Cured: 72 hours
Clean Up
Thinners No. 1