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The Enviro Trafficable System is an innovative solution within the Envirosystems range of products, and provides a hard wearing, UV stable, waterproof system with inherent slip resistance. The Enviro Trafficable System is capable of withstanding full vehicular traffic, and is a unique solution to external waterproofing scenarios. The Enviro Trafficable System allows for a shortened construction period, compared to conventional membrane, screed and tile systems, typical of external wet areas.

The Enviro Trafficable system is comprised of the following products:


Enviro Prime P2

Enviro Prime P2, is a two component, highly flexible, polyurethane primer. Enviro Prime P2 exhibits excellent adhesion to concrete substrates, with an adhesive strength exceeding 3MPa, this represents a cohesive failure of concrete (rather than an adhesive failure between the primer and substrate).

The image to the right shows the surface being prepared by captive shot blasting to remove contaminants, and provide a profile prior to primer application.


Enviro HP1200

Enviro HP1200, is the original product from Envirosystems’ flagship HP product series, Enviro HP1200 is a two component, spray applied, solvent free, flexible, and 100% solids hybrid polyurethane waterproofing membrane. Enviro HP1200 exhibits the inherent flexibility and shore a hardness of Polyurethane, and the abrasion resistance and strength of Polyurea.

Enviro HP1200 is a spray applied product, and allows for a seamless application; this provides a more robust waterproofing system.  In addition to its seamless application, Enviro HP1200 allows for a technologically advanced quality assurance system. Instantaneous quality assurance is completed using a holiday detection test, with local defect identification. Any potential points of weakness in the membrane are identified and remedied immediately, mitigating the risk of system failure.

Wear Coat

Enviro 950PUR

Enviro 950PUR is hard wearing, flexible, solvent free and high build polyurethane coating. Enviro 950PUR is used in conjunction with various aggregates (as shown in the image to the right), including; dry kiln sand, aluminum oxide and carborundum to provide strength, durability and trafficability to the Enviro Trafficable system, acting as a base to the top coat. Enviro 950PUR can be applied in thickness varying from 0.6mm to 3mm depending on the anticipated level of traffic.

Top Coat

Enviro 850PUR T.C

Enviro 850PUR T.C. is a solvent free, flexible,100% solids, polyaspartic coating system. Enviro 850 PUR T.C has excellent abrasion and chemical resistance, allowing for a long lasting coating in the toughest conditions. It is an aesthetically pleasing top coat, with the ability to colour match to Australian standard colours. This is shown on the image to the right.

Case Histories

This Enviro Trafficable System has been used, with great success, over a variety of projects, Australia wide including:

  • Fiona Stanley Hospital
  • Royal Children’s Hospital
  • 2-4 Notts Avenue, Bondi Beach
  • Sydney Exhibition Centre, Event Deck


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