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Why BSM?

With over 85% of Australia’s population living within 50km from the coast and 66% living in capital cities (, the importance of protecting structures against ground water/ water table is paramount. The Enviro BSM system has been specifically developed to avoid expensive remediation costs associated with ground water ingress.

When installed, Enviro BSM provides a fully bonded, blindside waterproofing membrane system to encapsulate the concrete structure, thus preventing water ingress or migration.

How does BSM work?

Enviro BSM is a pre-applied, composite HDPE sheet membrane system that is designed to waterproof the blindside of concrete slabs and walls. Enviro BSM is composed of:

  • Heavy Duty HDPE, which provides the waterproofing integrity of the Enviro BSM system.
  • Pressure sensitivereactive adhesion layer, which activates during the concrete pour and forms a continuous bond with the structural concrete.
  • Trafficable protective layer, which protects the Enviro BSM during steel-fixing before the concrete is cast.

Where is BSM used?

Enviro BSM is typically used in the following situations:

    • Concrete foundations, walls and slabs on grade
    • Concrete foundations, walls and slabs below grade
    • Lift pits
    • Crane pits
    • Methane gas barrier

Advantages of BSM?

Notable advantages of the Enviro BSM system include:

  • Chemical & gas resistant- In addition to its waterproofing integrity, Enviro BSM is able to be used as a methane gas barrier and possesses excellent resistance to a variety of stressors.
  • Easy application– Lightweight rolls, with a simplified installation procedure, allowing for a shortened construction period.
  • Fully adhered lap joints– Allows for a fully bonded, blindside waterproofing system, mitigating the risk of failure.
  • Trafficable- Enviro BSM is able to withstand full construction traffic, while providing a non-slip surface for subsequent trades.
  • Improved construction scheduling- Steel and concrete placement can be immediate, and the Enviro BSM system is not affected by premature contact with water.
  • Versatile- Enviro BSM can be applied to a variety of substrates including concrete, formwork and compacted fill, and its effectiveness is not compromised by foundation settlement.
  • Environmentally Friendly- Enviro BSM is free of any base coat or open flame operation which reduces the cost of resources, and eliminates safety risks.

Case Histories

Enviro BSM has been used across a variety of jobs, worldwide, including:

  • Biological Services Building – UNSW, Randwick
  • Flower Mill, Summer Hill
  • 333 George Street, Sydney
  • Envirosystems Head Office, St Peters
  • South West Plot, Sydney
  • The Jewel, Broadbeach
  • Hyderbad Centre Supermarket, India
  • Marina Shopping Mall, Los Angeles
  • Huifengheyuan Apartment Complex, Shanghai
  • Hongqiao Xiexin Centre, Shanghai
  • Downtown Shopping Mall, Tel Aviv

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