Envirosystems are a solutions orientated manufacturing company, who specialise in the supply of market leading elastomeric and cementitious coating technologies.

Formerly Waterproofing Technologies, Envirosystems Technologies has rapidly grown its base since inception and is now the leading manufacturer and supplier of construction chemicals in Australia. Our extensive range includes premium Waterproofing Systems, Coatings, Flooring, Sealants, Adhesives and Remedial Solutions for use across the built environment.

We are a proudly Australian Made and Owned brand committed to the supply and production of the most environmentally sound products of their type. Ongoing consultation with Builders, Architects and Engineers is provided on a collaborative basis to deliver optimum system solutions for a variety of project-specific needs.

Our products are supplied to contractors operating across the full construction market, including Tier 1 construction, industrial, commercial and residential projects, while also available for purchase throughout our Australian distribution network and retail space at our Trade Centre in St. Peters.

Envirosystems has a national presence with sales centres in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia. In addition, we have representatives covering Queensland, South Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

We pride ourselves on our high level of quality assurance and continually demonstrate a commitment to, and support of, environmentally responsible technology.

Our Mission Statement

Envirosystems Technologies is a proudly Australian Made and Owned company committed to conserving and improving the built environment.

Our mission is to minimise the use of damaging harmful solvents and chemicals used by the building industry by creating high performing environmentally sustainable products over a broad range of applications.

Our History


Waterproofing Technologies was formed to create and produce high-quality waterproofing materials for the built environment. With the development of a few of our flagship solutions, the brand Envirosystems was then created to give the products a distinct banner that conveyed the environmentally safe nature of the materials.


The Envirosystems brand was renewed to communicate the businesses mission and reasoning behind inception. A Nautilus Shell icon adopted as part of the company logo, and the tagline ‘Environmentally Responsible Technology’ was introduced.


After four years of steady growth and increased market presence, the Envirosystems products were specified on a number of major construction projects nationwide.

2016 – Now

With the business expanding into a number of satellite industries including coatings, flooring, sealants, adhesives and remedial products the Envirosystems brand was renamed to ‘Envirosystems Technologies’.

This was an important step in acknowledging the journey Envirosystems had from humble beginnings to becoming the market leading supplier and manufacturer of speciality polymeric and cementitious coating technologies.

Environmental Sustainability and Accreditation

Envirosystems is wholly owned and made Australian brand committed to the supply and production of the most environmentally sound products of their type on the market.

The Envirosystems range utilises the most up to date technology to safeguard the reduction of Volatile Organise Components (VOCs), whilst delivery best practice performance and ease of use.

VOCs are airborne particles that can have negative health implications such as respiratory damage, allergic reactions and chronic problems resulting from long-term exposure. The products manufactured under the Envirosystems brand are certified as environmentally friendly by a Government accredited third party testing authority.

They are not simply re-branded as a ‘green product’, but instead, demonstrate positive test results certifying VOC content and standards to which these results comply.

Australian and NZ Standards

In conjunction with our own strict development and QC requirements, we also ensure our products comply with the relevant Australian Standards.

Within our very own testing laboratory, we are able to ensure that our products meet these benchmark standards guaranteeing their performance and quality.

The following standards play an integral role in our product testing and evaluation:

  • AS4654 – Waterproofing Membrane Systems for Exterior Use
  • AS3740 – Waterproofing of wet areas within residential buildings
  • AS4858 – Wet Area Membranes
  • AS4020 – Products for use in contact with Drinking Water

Envirosystems is constantly monitoring and improving the performance of our products in accordance with these standards.